In the East of France, the Alsace is known for its typical landscapes, its strong traditions and its heart-warming local recipes. With the range of Gourmet d’Alsace Flammekueche (the Alsatian extra-thin pizza-pies), the whole Alsace comes to your table.
Delectable and crispy, the Flammekueche should be served on a wooden tray and shared by everyone at the table, according to the tradition.
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The authentic Flammekueche can be enjoyed in salted or sweet flavours…

In the old days in the countryside, the peasants baked their bread in a wood-fired oven… The fire wood was lit in the oven early in the morning. Thus it was a small celebration. The oven thermometer did not yet exist, but the women had their tricks: they prepared a fine bread dough that they slipped into the oven, letting the flames brush the edges of the dough. If the dough was cooked and crispy in a few minutes, the oven was ready for the batch. Given that they were good cooks, they soon got the idea of garnishing this testing dough with a bit of fat streaky bacon, onions and fresh cream – and the Flammekueche, as we know it today, was born.…

Gourmet d’Alsace offers it to you in savoury and sweet flavours. Traditional Flammekueche (cream, bacon cubes, onions), gourmet Flammekueche (with potatoes, cheese or mushrooms) or a more modern vegetarian Flammekueche, dessert Flammekueche with apples or blueberries, there are Flammekueche for all occasions !

The traditional manufacturing method of Gourmet d’Alsace

Symbol of conviviality and culinary tradition, the Gourmet d’Alsace Flammekueche is (almost) made like in the old days! Gourmet d’Alsace indeed carries the tradition forward by making its Flammekueche as per the age-old recipes and traditional methods. The dough is slightly precooked in our workshops, so that it is crispy and perfect when it comes out of your oven. It is then garnished with high-quality ingredients, mainly the mixture made of fresh cream and cottage cheese that is prepared as per the age-old recipe by a local producer from our region.

Tips for cooking… and for enjoying

For best results, it is recommended to follow the instructions on the packaging. Thus, the Gourmet d’Alsace Flammekueche shall offer all their flavours and retain their attractive appearance. Preheat the fan oven to 250°C. Then remove the frozen Flammekueche from the packaging and place it directly on the hot grill in the middle of the oven.

Leave it to bake for 8 to 12 minutes and monitor it. The baking time can vary depending on the type of oven. The Flammekueche is ready when the dough is firm and when the sides begin to brown.

A popular and a country delicacy, the Flammekueche was traditionally set at the centre of the table on a wooden plank, and it was shared by guests. It was cut and then everyone helped themselves, rolled up their share and ate with their hands…  The Gourmet d’Alsace Flammekueche fits in well with this friendly and warm ritual.

The savoury version goes well with a glass of dry white Alsacian wine and a salad, while the sweet version goes perfectly with a sweet wine, for example, the Alsacian Gewurztraminer.

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