Seafood specialities

Seafood specialities

Discover the richness of the Escal range of seafood specialities: marinated seafood cocktails and shrimps, seafood snacks, sushi, tapas and calamar romana, various skewers and grilled specialities…
These sophisticated products allow you to cook delicious dishes in the blink of an eye. This range is ideal for gourmets who are in a rush !
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Eat seafood at every occasion

Specialist in frozen shrimps, Escal offers elaborate variations, with sauces or marinated. Nothing like these to enjoy and warm yourself up in winter. And when spring comes, you can choose your assortment of Escal specialities and bring out your barbecue. When it comes to aperitifs or improvised cocktails, the crown of cooked shrimps with its cocktail sauce shall come to your rescue. Fancy some exoticism? Escal offers you specialities from other places: squids à la romaine, tapas, scampi fritti, pangasius skewers with pineapple or even sushi.

There is something for everyone and all year long!

The Escal expertise for successful preparations

Creating recipes

Escal carefully chooses the frozen sea food specialities that it offers. They are invented by our chef and then the meticulous job of preparing and selecting ingredients for these specialities is carried out before they are finalised for you..

Thus, the creation of a new recipe requires an average of about one year of work and not fewer than about sixty tastings.

Production method

Directly deep-frozen by the producer or processed in the Escal cooking workshops in Strasbourg, the sea food specialities are prepared with quality in mind. The speed of the manufacturing stages and the proper material temperature control guarantee a perfect flavour and optimal freshness.

It is practical and easy to use

It is easy to successfully make delicious dishes using Escal sea food specialities. If you are a novice, it is enough if you follow the defrosting and cooking instructions… and sometimes add a touch of decoration! If you are experienced, it is obviously possible to liven up or personalise these preparations by letting your imagination run wild or by building upon our suggestions.

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