Organic seafood

Organic seafood

Combining a delicious natural taste and a strong commitment to preserve the marine resources, the Escal organic range is constantly progressing.
It allows you to consume tasty shrimps and fish throughout the year while respecting your preference for organic products.
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Seafood that is organic, appealing and delicious

Our chain of organic shrimps is focused on one single group of farms located in Ecuador. Ecuador is the first country that has seen the creation of an Organic shrimps chain. It focuses its production on the species Penaeus vannamei, which is an endemic species in Latin America. Producing organic shrimps for more than 10 years now, our group of farms is the largest producer of organic shrimps in the country. This guarantees a wide consistency in appearance and taste as well as a constant supply. Our organic shrimps, eaten raw as well as cooked, are delectable and have a firm texture.

The Escal organic range is complemented by slabs of frozen organic salmon raised in Ireland as well as fillets of organic tilapia. Ready to cook in your frying pan or saucepan, these organic fish shall enrich your meal with their natural flavour preserved.

Escal’s commitment in the organic field

The ‘organic’ logo, applied to products containing at least 95% of the ingredients being organically produced, guarantees an aquaculture respecting very strict standards

  • No chemical products or additives and no growth hormones
  • Food made from organic agriculture
  • No genetic manipulation, no GMOs
  • Natural reproduction, with some of the sires coming from a natural environment
  • Choice of sites, inspection of the quality of water and ecosystems

Offering organic products for several years, Escal has expressed its commitment by getting the entire longline system and aquacultural farms of its Strasbourg production unit certified. Thus, it offers you frozen organic products as you like them all year long, in large volume retail or in specialised supermarkets.

Some tips for gourmets

There are a thousand ways to eat well with our range of frozen organic products, whether they are raw organic shrimps, cooked organic shrimps, or organic salmon. You can cook them following the instructions regarding defrosting, storage and cooking. Just fried, marinated or barbecue grilled, the raw organic shrimps can be readily used for your cooking urges. The cooked versions may be used to garnish a mixed salad, pizza or pasta, or simply with a small cocktail sauce or a slice of bread and butter.  The organic salmon, whether skewered, in slabs or in pies, competes in ingenuity…

A responsible organic production, a preserved flavour and a multitude of gourmet ideas, this is the formula of the Escal organic range!

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