For more than 30 years now, Escal has been offering its authentic expertise and its traditional method across a wide and varied range of prepared escargots. Frozen, canned, Bourguignon recipe, Alsatian recipe, recipe with champagne, Chablis or truffle juice…

Let yourself be surprised by the diversity of our assortments. The Escal range of escargots has more than 100 products, organized by species, size, preparation method and recipe.

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The recipes: from timeless escargot classics to more modern preparations


Bourguignon Recipe: Crown jewel of French gastronomy, the bourguignon escargot recipe is a subtle and delicious combination of the tenderness of flesh, the softness of butter, the flavours of parsley and the aromas of garlic. Escal offers it in versions such as ‘escargots’, ‘Burgundy escargots’, ‘Label Rouge’, in a dish, in sachets or in cases… and always with this delicious hint of garlic.

Alsatian recipe: A result of the Alsatian culinary heritage, the Alsatian recipe is enriched with a light taste of white wine.

Festive recipes

Festive versions of these timeless classics, Escal escargots with Crémant-wine and escargots with Chablis-wine add a touch of sophistication, while the 3 recipe tasting plate (Burgundy escargots, Alsatian escargots and Provençale escargots) allow you to discover various flavours.

A natural product and an authentic expertise

Raw material:

Escal essentially offers wild escargots and carefully selects the collection zones, in close and longstanding relation with its exclusive collecting partners. Thus, Escal ensures the quality of its supply of escargots. Live escargots are starved for several days to empty their stomach and their digestive tubes. They are then washed under running water and then boiled. The flesh is removed from the shells and the Hepatopancreas (gall) is cut over the trotter.

Procedure of making prepared escargots

Prepared in an escargot preparation unit in Strasbourg, the biggest French unit of this type, the gourmet preparation of escargots is done in a traditional method. For fresh and frozen prepared escargots, the flesh is carefully cooked in a flavoured broth for several hours, then manually placed back in to their shell, before being manually covered with the stuffing that is prepared on the same day.

Preparation of cans

The escargots are carefully cooked in a flavoured court-bouillon as per our traditional recipe and then canned with the same. This is followed by appertisation so that the flesh is canned properly.

A simple and natural product

Procedure for making Escal prepared escargots does not involve any additives or preservatives, nor does the preparation of canned escargots. All the ingredients are natural: butter, spices, flavoured jelly, if necessary. The fact that we properly respect the cold chain and the deep freezing procedures guarantees you an optimal preservation. Thus, you can savour delicious escargots with the natural flavour preserved. This is rare enough today to be emphasised…

At home: a practical and quick cooking

Preparation of fresh and frozen escargots

Made according to traditional methods, Escal prepared escargots adapt perfectly to our modern lifestyle, because they are ready in less than 20 minutes! Fresh or frozen, they must be placed in a pre-heated oven and served hot when the butter starts to sizzle. There is nothing better than a fresh baguette and dry white wine to go with them.

Preparation of canned escargots

Sometimes preferred by patient amateurs who make the butter themselves, preserves also please the gourmets who include them in various dishes: cassolette, tart, pasta, omelette…

In short, there are escargots to meet all your needs! So do not hesitate any more and discover different Escal specialities by clicking here

The species

ESCARGOTS_BOURGOGNE4052Burgundy Escargots: The Helix pomatia Linné, the only snail to have the name ‘Burgundy escargot’, is the most famous in France and is the flagship product of the Escal range. It is characterised by its strong taste, light brown flesh with a light frill and pale ochre coloured shell. It is an impressive and a rare dish from the Escal Label Rouge range; a range that primarily goes well with various festive recipes ( tasting tray with 3 recipes, in gourmet assortments, with champagne) or more traditional ones.


912428-finieClassical Escargots: Unanimously extolled by connoisseurs for its tender flesh with the characteristic bouquet, the classic escargot (Helix lucorum) has a darker flesh and a darker shell   with well marked spiral bands. Also called ‘white escargot’, it is rarely available in France although it is found very appealing to gourmets especially when paired with traditional bourguignon and Alsatian recipes.


Other species: Less consumed in France, the little and large grey escargots (Helix aspersa) are a species that thrive on the Mediterranean coasts. Their shell is dark in colour with speckles and large brown spiral bands.

The gastropod category would not be complete without the achatine escargots (Achatina fulica). Even if the achatine escargots are not called ‘escargots’ in France, it is not the same case in other European countries or elsewhere where they are appreciated for their tender flesh.

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