Cocktail and snacks

Cocktail and snacks

Cocktail parties are often associated with moments of conviviality or celebration. There are different specialities depending on the occasion and the time of the year: canapés, pastries, stuffed vegetables, savoury pies, finger food, etc.
Escal offers you all these delicious flavours and makes your life easier with its range of frozen aperitifs.

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Good quality aperitifs of various types

A range of aperitifs made using superior quality raw material

Conjured up to satisfy all your cravings for aperitifs and for elegant informal cocktail buffets with aperitifs, the range offered by Escal frozen finger foods includes snail, shrimps, scallops, shellfish and other types of sea food. These raw materials make up our core business œ and allow infinite variations of seasoning, preparation and presentation. This explains why Escal aperitifs offer you such a variety and are so delectable.

Timeless classics and gourmet innovations

The Escal range offers various traditional preparations: snail pasties, scallop pasties or mini scallops stuffed with butter, garlic and parsley. It also offers original creations from our chef: Croustefines, modern versions of the traditional pasty, a festive preparation of stuffed mussels with 4 recipes, crisps, mini-pies or mini scallops stuffed with blue cheese and armagnac. New products and ideas are constantly added to this wide range of traditional or original aperitifs.

Unique expertise in the traditional way of preparing frozen aperitifs

Production according to tradition

Being over 30 years present in this field, Escal possesses unparalleled expertise and production tools adapted to prepare delicious frozen aperitifs.

The meticulous choice of ingredients and the traditional method of production guarantee the quality of the aperitifs throughout the manufacturing process. For each creation, the butter or the sauce is prepared first before putting together the superior quality ingredients with the pasty or the shellfish. All the specialities are entirely made by hand by experienced and qualified personnel. This is a true work of craftsmen rather than that of caterers of frozen aperitifs…

Some tips for successful aperitifs and buffets

Follow the instructions and tricks

Escal aperitif specialities were designed to delight you and in order to enjoy them best, it is recommended to follow the preparation instructions given on the packaging… including the small tricks, like brushing the pasties with egg yolk to enhance their golden colour.

Assortments to make up your buffets

For help in preparing a complete cocktail buffet, you may choose from the various Escal products, following your tastes and preferences, whether you like more classic recipes or rather original ones. You can liven up your specialities or make a pretty decoration, and your buffet is ready!

Simplicity, flavours, tradition and originality… The Escal Aperitifs range is rich and varied – here is a small glimpse of what you could savour.

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