A specialist in a wide range of frozen products, Escal has developed its range thanks to innovations and the ability to adapt to clients’ requirements. Currently, the ranges are offered under 2 brand names and 3 distinct visuals. Our brands are your guarantee of our constant commitment to the quality of our products.

Escal, a frozen food brand

The company groups four different brands, each having specific characteristics and focusing on specific products

Escal has its origins in the contraction of escargots (snails) and Alsace.  That is saying how much the regional roots and the preparation of snails are part of the DNA of the company.

Set up at the same time as the company in 1976, the brand brings together the entire range of frozen snails in their various recipes (bourguignon, Alsatian, with Chablis, with champagne, in tasting plate or in Label Rouge, fresh or frozen…) as well as all the frozen aperitifs (pastries, finger foods, stuffings, corolles, pies, etc.). After having celebrated various kinds of stylised snails for over 40 years, today Escal is a reference to local traditions and good cooking. It is always a mark of conviviality, luxury and celebration.


‘Escal’, also evokes a marine port of call, the treasures of the sea, the emotions of the voyage, etc.

Sister company of the other Escal, , the brand regroups various types of sea food with a carefull selection and scrupulous inspection of ingredients. As a pledge of quality, the brand also ensures that our products are obtained with a view to preserving natural resources.

It is recommended to eat fish or other sea food at least twice a week. With Escal sea food, you have a choice: cooked shrimp, raw shrimp, natural shrimp, flavoured shrimp, organic salmon, organic tilapia, sea food cocktails, scallops, fish, shellfish, molluscs… it is a wide range that does not compromise on the quality of the products.

Integrated into the Escal group after a merger, Gourmet d’Alsace complements the set proudly since 2008 and represents the Alsatian region. ‘ Gourmet d’Alsace’, a name that speaks for itself, is evocative of the Alsatian gastronomic tradition and is a visual of a stork that is authentic and at the same time modern.

Gourmet d’Alsace promises Alsace lovers traditional and delicious dishes, mainly the famous Flammekueche (Alsatian flambéed tart), a flambéed pie prepared using traditional methods in salted and sweet flavours, in the delicious Neunhoffen manufacturing style.  The brand also offers the French onion pie, an Alsatian cousin of the quiche, or a traditional Black-Forest cake ; a cake made of three layers of soft chocolate sponge cake, generously filled with whole cherries and fresh cream, finely sprinkled with kirsch. Authenticity, quality, traditional expertise, such are the values of Gourmet d’Alsace… for products that are even more gourmet.

Logo KauffersLet’s continue with the Alsatian culinary traditions with the brand ‘Kauffer’s’.

Flammekueche producer for more than 30 years, Kauffer’s was founded by Roland Kauffer and was taken over in 2011 by the group Escal. With its stork logo in the colours of the region, Kauffer’s offers traditional Alsatian food: flammekueche (pizza with an extra thin dough), grumbeerekiechle (potato pancakes) and small puff pastries.

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