All throughout its development in the competitive world of food and agriculture as well as mass distribution, Escal has been able to preserve its identity, drawing immense strength from it. Escal’s philosophy, which can be seen in strategic choices and daily work, is based on three principles: family shareholding, constant pursuit of customer satisfaction and strong values.

Escal, a family business

The familial character of the shareholding guarantees cohesion of the objectives and their quick adaptation to market requirements. It has greatly influenced the development of the company. Set up by a French-German couple, Escal has a great historical presence in the German frozen sea food market. Thanks to this special attention given to the international development of its operations, 60% of Escal’s turnover is currently through exports.

Family management also means healthy growth: balanced development of the 3 product lines (snails and aperitifs; shrimps and sea food; flambéed pies and Viennese pastries), steady investments in production tools, long-time partnerships not only with suppliers and clients but also with associates, particularly with those who have been loyal through the years.

Client satisfaction is a major concern

Escal is eager to listen to all its clients, whether they are the buyers from large volume retail for Europe or end-consumers buying frozen food products at the super market, and continuously strives to satisfy them. Flexible and very responsive, the company adapts itself to the specific requirements of its distributors, both in terms of products and packaging. Similarly, it seeks opinions and suggestions from the users of its products in order to continuously improve the products.

Client satisfaction of course, entails flawless product quality. Objective and demanding, Escal’s quality policy involves not only laboratory tests and certifications but also regular tastings in order to check for good taste and compliance of the production.

All personnel work to satisfy the client: the marketing staff evidently, but also the production and logistics teams, as also our chef, the Development In-charge, who incessantly suggests innovations, inventions, new ranges and various ideas…

Strong corporate commitment to community

Having been involved for a long time in the preservation of marine resources, Escal has become a pioneer in this field by introducing shrimps from GlobalGAP sustainable aquaculture to Europe in 2010. Organic label, MSC certification, GlobalGap chain, search for sustainable and safe supplies, choice of species, supplier audits and sourcing, launch of a range of organic shrimps and fish, partnership with specialised distributors… Escal participates in sustainable development with its range of frozen sea food products.

Real and practical, the commitment in favour of our environment is a key value for Escal and applies to the entire company: regular evaluation of our products to guarantee an optimal allocation of resources, corporate social responsibility in the company (waste separation, saving paper), exclusive use of recyclable packaging material, etc.

At the same time as preserving the environment, Escal’s managing family has set out to perpetuate its social role, particularly by increasing jobs in France. Thus, the method for making prepared snails is always done in Alsace in the Strasbourg unit, the biggest unit for making prepared snails in France that employs 200 people on an average and still uses traditional methods. At the same time, the volume of frozen sea food products prepared by the Strasbourg unit does not stop growing, in addition to the development of trading products thanks to privileged partnerships with suppliers from Asia or South America. From this perspective, all the jobs of the Gourmet d’Alsace unit of Neunhoffen have been kept while integrating the Gourmet d’Alsace unit into Escal in 2008 so as to retain the jobs in the economic area of North Alsace.

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