A family-run company specialising in frozen seafood and escargots, Escal is reaping the benefits of more than 30 years of history… and several centuries of tradition. Our frozen products have a past full of anecdotes; the company also has had an extraordinary fortune, made up of international development, modernisation and innovations.

In the past :

escal site de productionA sacred animal carried away by Venus outside Mount Olympus, the snail has always occupied a special place in our culture and in our dishes. Food for the Neolithic man, it mainly became the preferred dish of Henry II, then the symbol of French gastronomy abroad.

Another story for those who think that freezing is an industrial technique of the XXth century: Snow was already used in ancient times to preserve perishable food items and it is said that Alexander the Great was very fond of ice cream.

prepared snails1963: Setting up of Nutrana GmbH, dedicated to the distribution of French food specialities in Germany.

1976: Setting up of Escal, a unit for making prepared escargots and developing the distribution of this speciality.

1979: Moving into the new 25 000m² premises.

1987: Setting up of a workshop to process shrimps and seafood. It made the production of a new range of frozen IMG_0313products possible : raw or cooked shrimps, shrimps of various sizes, natural or flavoured shrimps.

1992: Setting up of a new workshop for seafood and extension of storage capacity to 6000 pallets.

1995: Reconstruction of the escargots workshop. Obtained the Label Rouge for Burgundy escargots, bourguignon recipe.

2007: All seafood production lines renewed.2_0

2008: Integration of Gourmet d’Alsace, a long-standing partner of Escal that produces frozen tarte flambées (flamed pies) and frozen pastries using traditional methods. Escal obtains the BIO certification.

2009: Escal obtains the MSC certification: the company is committed to sustainable fishing practices.

2011: Integration of Kauffer’s, producer of Flammekueche, potato pancakes and small puff pastries.

2013: Escal obtains the ASC certification, it means that the company is committed to responsible aquaculture and supports the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

2015: Escal pursues its involvment in responsible causes by offering a range of responsible products: King Prawns easy peel

  • King Prawns from Ecuador, peeled, raw, 350g
  • King Prawns from Ecuador, peeled, cooked, 350g
  • King Prawns from Ecuador, Provençal, 350g
  • King Prawns, easy peel, raw, 400g
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