‘Escal’s constant and high-priority objective is the satisfaction of its clients by making products that are in compliance with their requirements, all the while preserving the sustainability of the natural resources that are necessary for the activity. Extracted from Escal’s quality policy for 2010, this commitment expresses the vision of Escal’s quality based on the satisfaction of our clients and the preservation of natural resources.

Quality controls concerning the whole activity

Client satisfaction implies the supply of quality products that are in compliance with the current Law and that meet the current expectations as regards taste and practicality. Pleasure to savour, food safety, and traceability are the key words of the quality policy applicable to the two Escal and Gourmet d’Alsace production sites. The Quality Department consisting of 7 specialists organises checks at the time of receiving the raw materials, during production and before launching the finished products in the market. Checks are carried out internally in an integrated laboratory or by authorised and certified independent laboratories. Spurred on by a constant attention for traceability, improvement and respect for the environment in the supply policy, the Escal Quality Department is a genuine guarantee for our consumers, as attested by the strict certifications and labels obtained by Escal: Higher level IFS certification, organic certification (bio européen, Naturland, AB), MSC, GlobalGAP, Label Rouge. In this respect, the annual control plan speaks for itself:
5,300 tastings
2,000 microbiological analyses
115,000 production controls
34 internal audits
5 to 10 supplier audits
50 specific analyses
6 certifications obtained in 2010: IFS for Escal, IFS for Gourmet d’Alsace, bio européen Escal, Label Rouge for Escal, MSC for Escal, GlobalGAP for Escal.

The activity of the Escal Quality Department is completed by internal checks that are carried out in the production workshops.

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Getting supplies while preserving the environment

Escal is progressively involved in looking for supply chains that are respectful of the environment and protect the resources. Thus, Escal encourages the certified supply chains (organic, MSC, GlobalGAP) and gives the benefits derived from this to its clients, all the while progressively abandoning endangered sources. By doing so, Escal meets the expectations of its clients while at the same time, contributes to the preservation of resources for future generations.

The Purchasing Department is at the heart of the supply system and is always looking for suppliers who are able to provide flawless quality and who respect these constraints. They are  in contact with snail collectors in Central Europe, organic shrimp farmers all over the world, prawn fishermen in India or lobster fishermen in the North Atlantic… as well as with regional producers and thus has a central role to play in Escal’s daily life, that of a pivotal point.

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It is also in the context of its quality policy that Escal gives growing importance to nutrition and health problems. Currently, Escal indicates the nutritional value of its products and the most suitable cooking methods on more and more of its packaging. Low-fat and rich in omega 3 fatty acid, the sea food products and snail flesh completely fit into the National Nutrition and Health Programme which recommends eating fish or sea food twice a week.

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